Good Stuff For Your Dog:

We love to have fun but we can be serious once in a while, especially when it comes to choosing the most nutritious ingredients for your dog. Although some if this information might be a bit "sciencey", we think it is important for you to have the most complete nutritional information about our biscuits.

Once you read this you may want to keep all the biscuits to yourself. We know you have thought about it - perhaps even tasted them. That's ok since all ingredients are human grade and baked in a human grade bakery. So go ahead, share with your boo. Both of you deserve healthy and great tasting treats.

When you are comparing ingredients with other snacks, don’t forget it is not only what you add, but also how much of those special ingredients you add that makes a difference.

There are two ways to tell if you are getting "the good stuff"; First, check where the ingredient sits on the ingredient list. The further up the list, the greater the quantity added to the biscuit. Also notice the ingredient name – is it a flavour or pomace rather than the real McCoy? And also notice if spices or colours have been added that only serve to colour the product to make it more appetizing to look at but serves no nutritional benefit.

Once you have assessed the list, open up the box and take a sniff. Does it smell like the flavour it says it is, or can you only smell grain? Take a look – can you see the colours and individual ingredients like berries and herbs, or are the biscuit white and fluffy? Use your senses to guide your choices.

Your dog is guided by smell but if he could read, I’m sure we would be on the top of his snack list.

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