Good Stuff For Your Dog:

Fruits and Vegetables are great for dogs as add sources of vitamins, minerals and fibre. Dogs love fruit for its sweet taste. Similar to children (and some adults), some dogs may not like "good for you" vegetable ingredients but since they're so chock full of good stuff we've incorporated them into their favourite treats such as Two Cheese Pizza, BBQ Chicken and Cheese and Herb. If they do like their veggies, then they will love these treats even more.

TOMATOES - Technically considered a fruit, this ingredient adds an extra special boost to the nutritional benefits by supplying an antioxidant called lycopene. Many studies have shown this compound can protect the body from certain cancers. Lycopene is more concentrated in tomato sauce and paste giving it even more nutritional kick than its raw counterpart.

SWEET POTATOES - Following the rainbow diet (eating foods containing the colours of the rainbow) will lead you to orange-yellow fruits and vegetables like sweet potato, carrots and mango. Beta-carotene not only gives these foods their bright orange colour but also contributes another powerful antioxidant to your pets' diet. Beta-carotene has protective effects from damage for the eyes, skin, liver and lung tissue and boosts the immune system.

SASKATOON BERRIES - are the pride of the Canadian Prairies. These purple berries are packed with many vitamins and antioxidants. The pigment that gives them a dark purple colour, called anthocyanins, helps decrease cancer causing agents generated by pollution, radiation and other chemicals. Blueberries, which are similar in colour to Saskatoon berries, were ranked the number one fruit in antioxidant activity by the United States Department of Agriculture. We suspect our Saskatoon berries aren't very far behind.

APPLE SAUCE - you guessed it - antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fibre. It also adds some natural sweetness to the biscuits for a yummy treat. It is good for the heart and the brain and is just down right tasty.

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